Thursday, 31 October 2013

Finding good employees is hard

We’ve been in a very busy hiring phase lately, looking for someone to work at our web development department. We got a lot of applications, a few good guys and many real weird ones. My favorite is the one who claims:
"…by learning several programming languages like HTML and CSS it is possible for me to work on a large spectrum of challenges and to fulfill them."
Another one was a constructor of metal planes who likes to work on our website. Well, what about building our own plane? Maybe that could speed up our deliveries to oversea… The third candidate was an artist (painter), worked as electrician, with cnc machines, than as a painter, technical drawer, studied architecture, worked at a gas station and in fact did also an educational training as an IT guy. We’re still hiring, if you know why HTML and CSS are no programming languages, you actually have a web background and ideally love to play and hear music, we want to talk to you! PS: Bring toilet paper.

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